Welcome to the Protestant Community of Oisterwijk

As Church community we want to appeal to you and at the same time be approachable.
We mean to say that we want to be a place where people feel at home and where people inspire and encourage one another.

A place where you are both challenged by one another and by the word of God.
A place where heaven and earth meet.
Where the story of older days is translated into one of today.

A place where all, with his/her own beliefs and disbeliefs, questions, opinions and visions are welcome. With room for everyone. We try to translate our faith into actions by being visible in society, by taking care of one another, both near and at a distance with word and action. We are available for and open to discussion.


About us

The Protestant Community Oisterwijk c.a. is part of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN) and has a regional function with members from both Oisterwijk and several surrounding villages.

At present over 600 individuals are registered members. Within the community there are many different experiences of what faith implies. We are what is called a ‘multi-coloured’ community. (from orthodox to liberal, from evangelical to high liturgical and everything in between).
Most of all we want to be a community where everybody feels at home.

Like most churches we have to deal with an ageing community. Nevertheless there is an active group of 25-40 years old. Frequently children are baptised. Currently (2014) 40% of the members are 50 years of age or younger, 60% over 50 of which 44% older than 60.

During Sunday Worship an average of 60-100 people attend. Many members are involved in church activities and voluntary jobs within the church.

What we stand for

During the first Sunday of the Church year, churchgoers were asked what they thought was important to them in church.

What was considered most important:
– look after one another
– propagate the story of Christ
– be a living Church within society.

Based on this, the policy plan describes the mission of the Protestant Church Oisterwijk c.a., i.e. being appealing and approachable.

We hope to appeal, inspire and encourage one another.
We want to be approachable and receptive to God.
We want to be a community where everybody feels welcome, each with his/her own beliefs or disbeliefs, questions, opinions and visions. Where there is room for grown-ups and children alike. Where we meet in fellowship with one another and the Everlasting.

Church Services

There is a Church service every Sunday at 10.15 a.m. Apart from our own vicar there are also guest preachers from various churches.

Children are part of our worship. There is a nursery (0-4 years), Sunday School (4-12 years), Youth Church (12+).

Schrijf je in voor onze nieuwsbrief en blijf altijd op de hoogte!

In de kerk vind ik inspiratie om over essentiële zaken in het leven na te denken, zoals door welke waarden wij mensen aangestuurd worden in ons gedrag. Ik stel het op prijs om fijne mensen te ontmoeten in de kerk. In andere organisaties, zoals bedrijven, is dat wel eens heel anders. Ik zou het leuk vinden om eens te analyseren hoe we als kerk nog meer jonge mensen kunnen bereiken, bijvoorbeeld via andere manieren van communicatie.

Rienk Lammers